Thursday, 11 September 2008

Hello Old Baju Kurung Size!

Last nite, just as I was about to go to sleep, my department head smsed me. Texted me to wear something nice for our raya card photo shot. So I browsed my collection of officewear baju kurungs displayed infront of me inside my new wardrobe cabinet.( I love the cabinet color that we have choosen so carefully & with much thoughts put into it!).

This old baju kurung which size was tailored to my size-before-pregnant, caught my eyes. I thought why not I slid into it and see if it fits me . And to my surprise, it fits me just like the good old times! Voila!

I'm just so happy this morning. Happy that I'm loosing weight and that all my losing weight plans is working on me.. Alhamdulillah! All the effort joining the bodystep, bodycombat, basic step classes & jogging on the threadmill has paid off. And I must say that it's not an easy job to cut down & limit your food intakes. Especially staying away from all those sinful food! I don't really cut it out from my food intakes. I merely limiting the quantity & frequency of eating it.

There are still a few more kg to lose actually... And yes, it does help to read other people's success in losing their bodyfat. I remember feeling so motivated to lose weight when I read Zizie's success story. Her method may be different than mine. But the end result is something I'm slowly catching up with her.

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