Tuesday, 9 September 2008

It's like waiting for doomsday

Somehow this morning, the urge to visit our former PM was just so strong. I had wanted to visit it since permatang pauh election day started. But office workload was just too much,and no free internet line was available at office.

What our former PM had said in his blogs really depicted the feelings of rakyat malaysia. Be it the rich folks or the middle income folks or the lower income folks. And true to what he wrote, rakyat malaysia have expressed their dissapointment, anger, frustration about the current PM & goverment by voting the opposition. True to that, PKR DeFacto leader won in the permatang pauh recently.

I cannot not to disagree with what his had written in his blog. Why? because it is so plain & simple to see that everyone is only jaga peruik nasi masing2. They dont care about the rakyat. They don't care about the future of our country nor do they care about one another. Yep! Racism. Like it or not, history of May 13th can easily be repeated.

I dont know why our leaders are so selfish! True that most of the UMNO member are not loyal or have strong love for the party itself. They only love themselves. Of course they have been like this during the leaderships of previous presidents. But those time, the love for UMNO was stronger than now. Why do I say that? One just need to read the papers availables at the papers stalls to conclude the perception of one;s selfishness.

I'm worried. So worried. Worried of what will happened to my anak cucu country. The things we do and don't do today will have an impact on the future generation. Sooner or later we can be controlled by the US. Not impossible to happen.

And I believe that Dr Anwar Ibrahim will one day be Malaysia's next PM. It's possible when no one in the current government cares about the future of Malaysia.

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