Monday, 15 September 2008

Motherly common sense tips

Some more tips are :

Bottle brushes: Hopefully no one will simply pick up any brushes without thinking will it scratch the inner wall of the plactic bottles. Ask around from anyone who may have bought brushes that leave a scratch inside the bottle. Once scratch, it will be easy for bacteria , germs to contiminate milk.

Bottles & tits liquid cleaner : Any baby bottle & tits cleaner will do.. Even soaking them in salt water too will kill the germs. However, pay more attention to the way we clean the bottles & washing bowls or sinks. Just make sure the surrounding is in clean condition. This will save you from having to rewash it again should you accidently drop or touch the clean bottles around that washing area.

Powdered Milk: For those who have stopped breastfeeding their babies ( best once baby is 2 years old), it is to our children benefits that they continue drinking milk until forever. There's more goodness to milk than any other drinks which is available out there. Strong teeth & bones & a good health too. So which one ? It depends on your baby actually. But try to give the best brand that have better quantity of additional ingredients. From my own research, Neslac 1 & 3& above which is under Nestle brand, is the best powdered milk. Why not Enfagrow? Its far more expensive than Neclac right? So it should be the best milk compared to Neslac. Unfortunately, it lacks in the quantity percentage of its ingredient. No doubt the contents are all the same. But the percentage is far more important than the milk brand.

Breastpads: For those who have no idea what it is, well, its one thing we breastmilk feeder can't live without. No more breastmilk stain on our shirt when our breasts( fulled of milk) suddenly leak milk occasionally. I've tried so many brands. From the expensive ones to the cheapest one. And I found one which is economicall in cost & high in value too. Bebe breastpads. This you can get from Jusco & Guardian pharmacy. However, be reminded that this is based on my own experience an. It may not suit others.

Baby clothings: This is only applicable to those who wants to buy the unexpensive brands that we can get from Jusco and any other shopping complexes. One thing for sure, Baby Kiko has the best fabrics quality. The clothes wont looked so worn out after hundredth of washing. Better than Anakku which I find it to be a bit low on the quality even it it highly priced.

Baby cots: I noticed that not many parents-to-be are aware that baby cots size does matter. Of course all cots look the same. But not the width especially. Most failed to see this. It's better to invest in bigger cots width as it will give your baby more space to toss & turn .

Bottles : If possible, try not to use the hand-me-down bottles that have scratched inner wall. No point in trying to save some money at the expense of our baby's health.

A gentle reminder that all these tips are merely from my own experience. Thus , please use our own common sense when making the final decision . Always put your baby's best interest above anything else. Insya Allah, everything will be fine.

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