Friday, 24 October 2008

Choosing your dream house

Today's entry is more actually based on the my talk with my sister. At that time, I haven't move in yet to my new house. But we have bought it la..

We were talking about my new house. And I remember her words " I didn't think of that ( reasons) when we choosed this ( her ) house ."

What made her say those words? Well, it was a response to me saying of my ( me & my hubby) reasons on choosing our house.

I told her that that the house was chosen for its location. This new house is near to my late BIL's house, near my eldest BIL's house too, near to my sister's house and not far also to my brother's house too. Infact, it will be easy for us to go back to my hometown which is in Seremban. Plus it will be easy to balik kampung my hubby's kampung too. We would have choosen Bukit Jelutong or Kota Damasara area if our kampung is on the northern states. So the locations of our kampungs & our relatives & siblings' house are some of the main factors we considered when choosing our dream house.

As expected, it's easy to visit our siblings & relatives when all are staying around the same neighbourhood. Previuosly we were staying in Ulu Klang. And it was quite a distant & journey especially when the traffic is heavy.. MRR2's bad traffic is unpredictable at any time of the day.. So, staying at the current neighbourhood is a good move for us .

On top of that, another reasons why we choose this house is because of the surrounding facilities it has. We have the Giant hypermarket where we can do our groceries shopping. Tesco & IOI Mall are just in the same area. And schools for the children.There are a few primary & secondary schools nearby. This will make task of sending off the kids to school easier for us. Imagine having an option of not having to rely too much on the school bus. Plus, the kids can be home from school early too !

And for swimming, there's a golf club nearby. And another main reason too is the mosque. It will be easy to send the children for religious education i.e mengaji and easy for us to do terawih & sembahyang raya.

Yes, I had my sister terpikir balik of her own reasons on why they didn't think of all these important matters.

What about the housing developer? Alhamdulillah, I&P is a well known & reliable house developer. So the chance of the house to be delayed in constructions is minimal la..

So u have me thinking why most people never put on their thinking hat when choosing & buying their dream house. Buying a house is a big investment in term of money and time too. Of course not all of us have loads of cash to put for house deposits. But, doing some homework before buying our dream house can actually save us a in terms of money & time later in the future.


toughcookie said...

komen ni takde kena mengena to your post but i love your new template!!

emly2175 said...

Juan: Thanks dear..not easy for buta-IT like me..