Friday, 27 April 2012

Friday lunch outings

Reading my sister's FB status today being its a Friday , makes me miss my friday lunch outing.

Since lunch on friday is a two hours lunch break, i have ample of time to do shopping or just to window shop .

And ever since my sister's company relocated its office to a new building which is near to my old office, thus she gets to follow me .

So on fridays, it could be either KLCC, Pavillion, Jusco AU or jusco wangsa maju, carrefour  or even all the way to 1Utama and Ikea.

I remember how she followed me to Ikea on one of the friday lunch. We went there all because I was craving for Ikea food. I was on my third pregnancy at that time.

Having an office located at such strategic location in Kuala lumpur city does have its advantage. I can chose to dine at a little bit expensive places or at the affordable ones. Either places offer delicious foods.

I love pavillion food republic food court. Almost most of the food that i had eaten there are delicious n worth the price i paid. Even at picnic klcc foodcourt too has some of delicious food. The briani ayam madu is tasty. Both the rice and the chicken. And if i am craving for cendol , I can get it there. Drooling now!

For chinese dishes like mee curry that comes with cockles , wantan mee or mee soup , then I normally go to the other foodcourt located on top floor. Forgot its name. Asean ?

Now you know why i miss my foodcourt food here in jakarta. And why i miss my friday long lunch outing...

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