Thursday, 26 April 2012

Roti tawar

I remember my first bite of roti tawar during my early stay in Jakarta. The bland taste and less soft texture of that plain bread was so much different from Gardenia bread that i normally had back in KL.

Cant figure out out why the bread here is so much different from back home. Can it be the lesser gluten content in the wheat flour here? This was noticed by my supercook MIL who is here for a month.  She said that the flour here contain less gluten. Hemmm.. I dont know what it means by that.

However now my tastebud can accept the roti tawar flavour and texture. But then again there are other brands or merek of breads that has better taste than roti tawar sari roti.

And how indonesian loves cheese that there plenty of cheese bread or pastry stuff with cheese

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