Tuesday, 10 April 2012


One of the things that you will notice at the supermarkets and shops are the refill pouches. Almost 99% products are being sold in refill pouches. Oh! Forgot to mention that I am refering to supermarkets here in jakarta and elsewhere in indonesia. Its not that that there are no in bottle packaging. But somehow refill pouches are the norm here.

Tomato sauces, laundry detergents, floor  cleaners, body shampoo, hair shampoo , cooking oils, hand soap etc. Even tissue paper dont come in paper boxes like what we normally see back home in malaysia.

At first I do find it all strange as I am used to buy stuffs in bottles n boxes. And imagine when there are products in sachets too. Not the sugar size sachet. Its bigger than that. I must say that its convenient for travellers to buy hair shampoo , sauces, milk, coffee premix and tea premix in sachets. More space in the luggage for souveniers ..

I think this refill pouches n sachet are actually a mirror to the standard of living and cost of living in indonesia. The marketing departments have well identified the customers buying concept.

The lower and poor income people cant afford to buy in big quantities. Going to supermarkets would intimidate them. But they dont mind coming to buy stuffs if it is within their buying power. So anything in less than 1 kg or 2 liters is ok with them.

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