Friday, 13 April 2012


The first thing that we or i had to do once we got arissa's school confirmed was to look for house ASAP.

Reason was because i really dont want to go through the macetness of jakarta daily for five days in a week. And that i dont want to see arissa vomitting in the car on daily basis too..not that she vomitted everyday. But to see her having headache on each trip to school and having to wake up early i mean really early, i just pity her..

So arissa and me got to experience the famous jakarta macet for almost a month. And mind you, that i almost vomitted on my 5th day on the first week of Arissa's school. Imagine being in a car for 4 hours for 5 days in a week. Aiyo!

I remember having to drag myself to sit in that 2C cafe on friday during that first week. I wasnt feeling well on that day. But still i did my internet search on houses for rent  after feeling how i owe it to hubby to look for one and also for arissa's sake too.

Somehow Allah just directed me to give two houses a visit during the weekend. Until today, I am still thankful for this . One of the houses is the house i am currently renting.

I remember looking at so many houses that were advertised on the rumah123. Two houses available for rental caught my eyes. The price and location met my target. But one of the two houses just caught my interests. So I gave the agent a phone call and quickly set date and time for a house tour on that weekend itself.

Saturday came and we met the lady agent and her partner. She showed us two houses that just close to each other. We were not impressed with the first house eventhough it has a swimming pool. The fact that the house has been vacant for quite sometime and poor maintenance by the owner just put me off. The badly conditioned of the bathrooms wooden doors caught my eyes. And i hate the sight. The house layout too was not that appealing.

But things were different with the second house. No swimming pool but the house has fish pond right outside the main door . The house layout was simple and all rooms are big. Even the furnitures are in better conditioned than the first house. Plus its not that dark inside the house as there is an airway area in the house.

When we left the 2nd house, me and hubby sort of ilike we have choosen that house to be rent. The lady agent made a follow up call the next week. I must say that she was not the pushy type kind of agent who just eager to close the deal. 

She was patient enough to provide me more details on the second house. Infact we were always on the phone during the week after the house visit week. And the deal was sealed after two weeks .

Whenever i look at this house ie the second house that my family are staying now, i only have this to say " memang rumah ni rezeki arissa , aisyah and alya". This house is meant for them right from the start.

Wanna know why I mean it that way? Because the house is nicely located near Arissa's school. Because the house has fish pond that houses some big japanese kap and koi fish. But most of all,we are indeed lucky to have  a neighbour who is our landlord !. And that our landlord is kind and helpful too . They may be rich, but alhamdulillah they are good people itoo!

So far what ever house stuffs that need to be fixed were deal quickly.Less headache for us.

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