Sunday, 13 May 2012

Selamat hari ibu

This marked my first time celebrating mother's day outside malaysia. 

The day started with eating home cooked nasi lemak for breakfast.

Next dearest hubby helped Arissa with her online homework. Yeah! For term 3 , parents are required to help their children to view weekly homework online. Thank goodness it is only one homework per week. Totally different from malaysian education systems .

While they were busy with homework, I  decided to cook my kaya jam. Had been putting it on hold eversince i got the recipe from my mom  three days ago.

Hows the kaya jam? Delicious ! Infact i had my roti kaya butter toast as late night supper just now.

Wishes? Well, received it while i was baking chicken for lunch . Arissa made the card all by herself and signed with love from the rest. And the card is posted at the fridge.  Its a wonderful feelings to get personalised and self made card like that from your loved ones.

Lunch was baked chicken with fries n bbq gravy.  Then, spent the noon resting n relaxing at home. Also hubby helped the girls to paint the masked which were bought yesterday. As usual, pink mask for Aisyah. While arissa's mask was in pink and orange tone.

And dinner was  at plaza bintaro. This after we found out that our favourite murtabak bandung stall was still closed. The plan was to buy it and eat it for dinner.

And the closure for this year mother's day was chocolate chip cookies frappachino at starbucks.

I like my sunday today. No macet. Just like back home.

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