Wednesday, 16 May 2012


At first when i saw it, i wonder why the owners of gerobak dont want to use a motorcycle . And there so many of these gerobak here in jakarta.

I guess after seeing them day in day out while living my life here in jakarta , finally something makes some sense to the existance of gerobak.

As much as how attached and dependant all of us to our kedai mamaks, so is gerobak to indonesian . To them, gerobak sellers are their kedai mamak. To them, gerobak also is the ice cream man or dessert seller. To them , gerobak sellers is the kedai runcit, apek jual sayur dan ikan , kedai bermacam kedai la...hahaha..

And for lower to middle income group people, gerobak is the way of life in indonesia.

I used to wonder why on earth do gerobak sellers sell plastic hardware such as pail, dustbin, plastic tapisan, mop, broom and house stuffs. And seeing this gerobak at lower income housing area just points it out how those people only have motorcycles to take them for groceries shopping. Thus, how on earth would they be able to bring home big household stuffs . Furthermore, most of the road or lanes that lead up to these houses are narrow . If i were them, i too would buy water storage pail from the gerobak.

And we all know how macet it is here in jakarta. Imagine if it is macet total which means unmoving traffic and you in your vehicle are stuck there at the same spot for almost one hour. Well, if you are hungry and thirsty, a pau or a quick hot cup of tea or cofffee made from premix sachets  are just near by. The gerobak is there to help.

And its common to have breakfast , lunch ,dinner or tea or even for dessert from the gerobaks. In the morning, its bubur ayam, bubur kacang ijo, nasi uduk . Lunch can be the same food like bubur ayam , mee ayam, bakso ,and soto.. And same things also for dinner.. Actually some food are being sold day and night. Gorengan like tahu semedang , banana fritters , murtabak bandung( apam balik for malaysian or pancake to western people )  and dessert like es podeng all can be bought from gerobak.

When i look at the owners.of gerobak, i know that these people dont earn much at the end of the day. You may say how could that be when they have a steady and regular customers.  To me,  there are so many people living in jakarta. And there are so many gerobaks. And cost of living is expensive actually. And petrol is not cheap even it is still a subsidies items by the pemerintah. So in order to make ends meet for these gerobak owners, best to use gerobak.

If u ask me.if i have tried eating jajanan food or food from gerobak, well no... I am afraid i will get diarheria as my tummy still lack the local bacteria...

But do not think the food is not tasty . I have seen a few gerobaks near my house  who have lotsa customers eating at thier small gerobak. All they need is just one two tables only. And like the gerobak that sells bubur kacang ijo at my house, the owner dress smartly and look clean too..and Of course food by the gerobak is cheap.

Tok..tok...tok... Ting...ting...ting... Thats the sounds from the gerobaks that is passing by infront of my house day and night...

Bakso bakso!mee ayam mee ayam... Even my aisyah have gotten used to this jeritan!

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