Friday, 1 June 2012

Needle and thread

One thing that i dont like about here is that the lackness of specialty shop . Not for high end products. But more for simple basic stuff like needles and threads. If back in malaysia , we can just pop into any  sewing shops or handcraft shop or just the local groceries shops.

But here in jakarta that is a different story. After searching for needles and threads high and low , I found it at a shop that  not  only sells plastic products but also ribbons , paper bags n balloons.. And i found out about this shop after i asked my landlord cum my neighbour on it. Argh!

Same thing also when i wanted to buy Al Quran. I have yet to see a shop that only sell Al Quran and other religious reading material. All i know for now is that i will have to get it from a bookshop. Umph!

Mind you that I am staying in place that is almost like USJ or kinrara. Not many places here have that kind of environment. Thus, I am pretty upset with all the troubleness in finding a simple products.

Of course i am getting used to all of this!!!..

And the shop where i got my needles are located in a pasar or market here . Its half fresh market and dried market too. Thanks goodness its a new modern market and not like most old markets here in other parts of jakarta.

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