Friday, 22 June 2012

Y2 to Y3

Today is my eldest child's last day of school. Come August 28th, she will be a Year 3 student. How fast the time flies.

We have been a Jakartaian since Dec 31st 2011. Those 6 months of schooling flew by just like a blink of an eye.

And reading Arissa's year end school report is truly overwhelming. Her progress and development in learning is no small feat considering that she will only turn 7 years old on this August 15th. She came only with her kindergarten/preschool knowledge. And if we were in Malaysia she is will be in standard one which is actually in year 1. But because of international education system here used at school, she was put in year 2.

I have my worries on her learning. Mostly because the high standard level of education at BIS. Arissa is a smart girl. Together with help from school and also help from home teaching, she is able to catch up with what is being taught in school.

But we still need to help her somemore during this holidays. It breaks my heart when i saw her crying telling me she couldnt answer some maths questions.

During the begining of school year , we managed to get some info on arissa's learning progress. It is based on that that her teacher gave me teaching aids and information on subjects that she is weak..

When i look back at this, now i know the reason for me being a SAHM. How lucky I am to be able to help my daughter in her studies.

So if you ask me how her year end report was, all i can say me and my husband are so proud of her achievement. Even her class teacher is proud of her too.

And she got two merits award to end her year two !!!!

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