Tuesday, 19 March 2013

that used to be me

Spoken to my dad and mom over the phone yesterday at lunch time.

They were at empire building  in subang for lunch. Earlier they were seeiing a chiropractor somewherethere too.

I told them to eat at Serai or Belanga rather than at madam kwan. For the price that they are going to pay, serai or belanga is much more better. 

Somehow when we were done talking and after a couple of minutes later, it dawn on me on how much i used to go outing with my parents whenever they were in KL.

I was single at that time. So whenever they are in town ( KL and seremban is just less than an hour drive ) , I will drive them around KL.  We could be eating at the chillis in bangsar  or go to mid valley.

Back then I was staying at FAjaria apartment. It was sooo conviniently located  !

Looking back , those are precious moments that i would not trade for anything.

Up to this day, my mom still complain a bit on how difficult for her to buy things in KL. How things are easier if i was around eventhough i am married .

I guess she got used to have me accompanying her to buy stuffs at KL. Or i would be buying it for her and pass it to her whenever i go balik kampung.

As for ayah, i can sensed it is the same too with him. Though no words are spoken, but its not hard to notice when you know that your parents can depend on you.

And that memories are like 10 years old.

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