Monday, 18 March 2013

Alya @ 17th months old

At 17 th months old, she is no longer wanting to breastfeed or even drinking my milk.

She has completely graduated and weaned herself from breastfeeding.

And for the past 3 nights in a row, she is slowly developing her own sleeping routine.  She will sit down with her back lowered a bit and rested on a pillow next to me on bed. She will be holding the milk bottle with her two hands. The minute she is about to doze off will also means that she has finished her milk.

She will passed the bottle to me. And immediately rest her head flat on my tummy.

Hemm.... Allah Maha Kaya. I am amazed and still cant believe to witness all this happening right in front of me . Coming from a my barely 2 years old girl. Yeah! Something good is instore for me. Alhamdulillah.

Thesedays also she will say "dah" meaning she is done drinking her milk in the bottle. You can see how her small hands handing out to me the empty bottle.

Alhamdulillah also she is beginning to drink milk more thesedays.  But I have to quickly decide either to continue with enfagrow made in malaysia which i still have 3 tins more or do  I switch to local milk brand ? The biggest hurdle will be to find milk that is original in flavour ie no honey or vanilla or chocolate flavour. And  here in Jakarta they dislikes original flavour for toddler milk powder. How cow?

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