Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Love finally Found Her

I bumped into an old friend last week at my gym.. Was so happy to see her .It's not that we haven't met for a long long time. It's just that sometimes I get to see her and sometimes not. Career woman! haha!

So love finally found her. At the age of 33, she finally found someone who , InsyaAllah , will be her soulmate. I was so happy when she 1st told me many moons ago about this new guy in her life. That time, I was so happy for her as I hate seeing my solo single status friends not having their partner. I wish that they can experience the life of having a soulmate. And later having kids of their own la..

So again I was happy when she told me the good progress her love life is going at this moment. And InsyaAllah, marriage is not far from here.

Managed to persuade her to let me see his photo which I knew will be inside her handphone. Who would not keep pictures of their loved ones kan inside their handphone! And my my. Such good looking face he has! And fair complexion too..

And love is blind. In her case, inner beauty wins the heart of her guy. My friend doesn't fall into the beauty girl category. She is someone that is pretty inside than outside. And I hope that this guy is sincere in loving her. I'm sure most people will agree with me when I say love is blind once they see this couple. And I truly believe something good is instore from The Almighty to them if they are really meant for each other.

So here I am. Still feeling happy after seeing her last week. This year I have received wonderful news of friends tying the knot and expecting new additional family members. But I am really feeling thankful and most happy whenever I hear my friends finally found their soulmates. For me being a couple is far better than being single. There is so much to be gained and experienced when we found our soulmates. And if they choose to get married, even more so they will gain.
I hate the idea of growing old alone . Alone without friends and family.

On that note, the last wedding reception for my family side is here at last. My mom thought it will take place on 05.05.2005 as that was my brother's birthday. But somehow it didn't happen. My bro had been joking all this while whenever we ask him about getting married. Thus, all of us didn't believe it when he finally told us of the big news. We thought he was joking as usual.
Even I didn't take it seriously when my sister told me about it.

My sister only started to take it seriously when my bro showed the merisik ring. Even my mom too only believe it after she had seen that ring. Alhamdulillah. My bro is finally going to tie the knot on this May 1st. So u can imagine how busy my labour public holidays will be up till Sunday May 4th.

Something special about the wedding on my family side is that cendol will be served on the wedding day. It started from my wedding. It didn't happen during my eldest brother's wedding. I think that idea of serving cendol didn't cross my father's mind those time. So, cendol was on the menu for my wedding and my sister's too. And I think it will be there too on this last wedding reception for our family.

By the way, it's cendol Kuala Pilah folks.


Aidan & Adnans' Mommy said...

I too feel happy when my single friends finally found their match... Tapi i have few yg belum ada jodoh.. tried to match with my guy friends.. but most guys at our age are either married or looking for younger women.. hmm .

emly2175 said...

true on that la Dot.. These guys are after younger women. I still believe that we have to find our own soulmates rather than sitting down doing nothing but praying only.

Mommy Aidan said...

I agree with you.. jodoh tak datang bergolek.

roxychick said...

hi pink rabbit!

you've been tag..
silakan jengok my blog to know wat is it!