Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Friends who enriched us

Last week was one happy week for me as I got to be in touched in my old friends. Thanks to Facebook, I found most of my old friends when I was studying in univercity.. The excitement I felt was beyond words. I was feeling happy inside out since last Wednesday. And the happy feelings extended till today as I had small outing with my two closed friends on late Saturday afternoon.

Imagine seeing those familiar faces u had always seen during your uni years on facebook! And those familiar names too... I was grinning when one of my friends mentioned the name of one of our male friends.. Gosh! I have not heard that names in the last 15 years... He was one of the member of our matriculation executives club...The club was one of the active club that time..We always did motivational projects for highschool kids around Kedah&Perlis..

As expected most of us are happily married with children. But I didn't expect the hear this one sad news. One of my girlfriends is now a divorcee with two children . And the things that I keep on seeing like a common thing is that they married their own partner from the uni years. I just dont understand why did their marriages cannot last forever... Anyway, what important now she is happy with her current life.

Back to my outing with Ro & Nurru on Saturday petang at KLCC, I just wanna say alhamdulillah because we did to do it. I'm happy to see Nurru getting promoted to be senior lecturer while Ro is finally now well payed from a new sms company. I pity Ro for she was paid peanuts at the old company even when she had worked there for more than 5 years.

Seeing Nurru dressing like a model ( plus she got that model height actually) since the day we know her, me & Ro never thought that Nurru would end up being a lecturer.In fact she too didn't see herself in that profession actually in the 1st place . But now she loves doing researches & lectures. Ooh! My model-like friend has produced 2 books so far.. Now this mother to two boys are on PHD study leave. I even told her that I want to attend one of her lectures!

I have always believe that no matter how busy we are with our family matters, we still need to put a side some of our precious time for friends. Actually friends-outing is one of my new year resolutions . There are still more of my friends ( be it from highschool or uni years) that I have lost contact that I wish to see again. I dont mind if we cant meet up. So long as we can stay in touch via emails or phone calls will do for me.

So have anyone heard this name before " Norita Suraya " ? I dreamt of her when I was pregnant with my 1st child.

p/s : to those who loves choc milkshakes, please buy yourself one from California Pizza Kitchen @ KLCC. It's heavenly creamy chocolaty and milky!

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Aidan & Adnans' Mommy said...

Since i'm in this divorce business (i don't promote only help my clients to settle their marital problems).. i think i've seen it all (at least i think).
Some marriage only last 2 months and some marriage last forever. Some get divorce when they are in their 20s some in their 70s.

So no one can really say that their marriage will last forever. Just pray that it will last longer than 10 years.. hehehe