Monday, 10 March 2008

50th Birthday's gift

Sunday marked a new era for Malaysia's political scenerio. The opposition party have gained people's trusts in certain states in Malaysia. Most of Malaysian including myself are waiting to hear what our PM have to say about this.No doubt that he had given his comments on Saturday nite. But what are his plans after this election. Yesterday, the much waited comments from our last PM was aired on Astro. I have to agree to what he said. And how his comments hit the right target. I do hope BN will

So what's in store for Malaysian after this election? I do have my worries.But I do hope those who won will live up to their promises. Malaysians voted those winning parties for it's manifestos . Let's wait & see what lies ahead of us..

and yeah, to those who likes reading, why not try reading Dr M's book on Malay Dilemma. There are still certain's issues in itthat I think still relevant to today's Malays. Who are we without our history!


roxychick said...

i was devastated. i was crushed.

enuf said. :(

emly2175 said...

roxychick: I'm 50-50. Hopefully life wont get worst than now. But the share market is going down! Yikes!

mimi said...

I tunggu result kat sini pun berdebar.. Mmg result semua unexpected.. Surprisingly that opponents can win at major states.. It shows that they really work hard in order to win the election..

I dun mind which ever party yg menang as long as they keep their promises and do their work!!

re: haha.. mmg pening kepala nak shopping.. byk sgt kedai nak masuk.. but I managed to masuk most boutiques la.. tue pun kelam kabut sbb tak cukup time..

Aidan & Adnans' Mommy said...

I am so dissapointed that someone still refuse to take the blame for the loses of 4 states.