Friday, 15 June 2007

Mental illness

Are we to be blamed for being a rich person? Either born rich or suddenly rich as blessed by The Almighty ? My says is never blame a person for what he has that we are lacked with. This is because we will never know we may end up in that person's shoes in the near future.And yes, how easily for us now to say "ooh! I wont be a show off person when i'm rich", " Not like so & so !". We can never say like that because people DO change when they are rich or have power. Examples? Well, it's everywhere around us. Just pay a little bit of attention on what's going on around us, and BAM!, we know who that person is.

Do I get jealous on other peoples' rich life? Yes. But it's not me to judge what she/he did is wrong. I normally ended praying to God to bless my life with good things ie. health and never short of money..I wouldn;t want HIM to take away all the good things HE has given me so far, would I ? No please!

So , it's sad for me to read other peoples' criticism on another person. Sad enough when this kind of people doesn;t actually know the other person well enough. Yet, they can easily post a bad comments based on one's picture or behaviour. And that is why I branded them with having a mental illness.

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