Saturday, 6 September 2014

Post lebaran ...maid issues

I am thankful that my maid who has been working with me just 2 months before hariraya , continues working with me 3after hari raya ended. In Java land, having maid issues of them not returning or resuming work with the same employer after lebaran break is common like eating bubur ayam as your breakfast here.. Prior coming back to J-town a few days during my raya breaks, I had received news of friends who are maidless..they have received the bad news of their maids not returning to work with them..Some have the desency to send sms to their employers to inform of the bad news..And some of the maids didnt..Leaving my friends in the dark of not knowing if the maids will return or not after lebaran break.. Up to now, some of my friends who maids quit during lebaran,have got new easy to get new maids right..but then again all this is uncertaint. It all depends on ones luck and timing and location too.. The locals have a saying for this ..."it is like meeting your soulmates when it comes to find a good reliable trusted and honest maid" Easy come. Easy go.Maids.. Again, two things that will give anyone a stress when living in Jakarta which are maids and supir.. Macet or the famous traffic jam? That is nothing actually..almost everyone I know have been immune to it..

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Puteri said...

Hard to find a win- win situations with maids I guess. But we moms are survivors kan? :)

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