Saturday, 16 November 2013

My Miss Van Gogh

I was having dinner with my husband tonight when this piece of art work done by my Aisyah caught my attention.

Straight away it reminded me of the conversation that I had earlier with one of Aisyah's friends' mom at the school library today.

As you can see, the drawing is purely done by children . And its not a piece of art work like Van Gogh or any other famour painter.

Nevertheless, to me as Aisyah's mom, its Van Gogh to my naked eyes. And I can see Aisyah in it with all the girly frills and pink color that she had chosen.  And its precious to me . So are all her other art scribbles and paintings done at school.

That lady friend of mine shared with me of how nice it would be to hang up beautiful paintings done by her girl.. Just like what she sees at some of her friends' houses.

So i texted her after dinner. Told her to go easy with this things... Of course we parents only want the best for our children. And who wouldnt be proud when our offsprings can paint beautifully ..

But along the line, it is better if we try to see through our children's naked and naive eyes...All the chosen colors and all the naive lines and scribbles were actually done from our children's heart.

And when they show it to us, just look at those happy excited eyes of our children. How proud they are to share and show it to us..

Aisyah do this almost everyday when i pick her up from school. She just cant wait to show it all to me..It can be some.colorful scribbles , or small paintings or any craft work that she did in school.

Each day, I will stop and listen and look at what she has for me... And those are so precious to me ...

And we have displayed what ever we can of our children's art work.  Come to think of it, there are a lot ....

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