Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The big nite

Its the nite before tomorrow.

Its the nite that were supposed to happen two weeks ago on July 2nd 2013. But it did not happen as Alya was not well.

Tonight there is only Alya and me in this hospital ward. Baba, Tuk Mi , Kak Arissa and Kak Aisyah came around 845 pm to see us.

As usual , two girls were sad that they have to sleep without me tonight.

As for me, i know they can accept the reason eventhough they are sad.

But tonight, I am worried . And the next best thing for me to do after doing my solat hajat and my doa's is to leave it to Him. ALLAH knows best.

I doa that Alya stays well before and after the operation tomorrow.

I doa that all the doctors and staffs involved in tomorrow operation will be able to perform their work well and safely and carefully for the sake of my Alya.


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