Sunday, 14 July 2013

New gadgets for BFMoms

I felt like having another baby to breastfeed!!!

And i should blame this to the moms and baby expo that is going on at Mid Valley Mall now...

I was at the Philips Avents booth last Friday... And OMG !!!!

Latest designs of bottles steamers. Latest  breastfeeding pumps. Latest designs and shapes of  bottles and teats...

Any mommies will go gaga and crazy  when seeing all those latest breastfeeding gadgets ....

The thoughts of getting a new bottle steamer is dancing in my head..And so is the cool  breast pump and the new teats and bottles too...all avents!!!

But sanity came knocking quickly too to my head.. Alya is going to be 2 years old in October. And it wouldnt be a good idea to buy latest design of that bottles and teats that look almost identical like a mother's breast when breastfeeding.

I want easier transition from bottles to cup for Alya for her milk drinking. Which is why new bottles n teats will just delay this process or even make it harder for Alya to switch to cup ...OMG !!!

Wished that I could stay longer but only managed to be there for less than 30 minutes..

Arissa didnt like it being in that crowded place..We arrived almost noon. Cant blame her also..

Pity her..Quickly did my exit from that place once I got new teats for Alya's avents classic bottles, bibs for Alya again as no spare one left in our malaysian house , and a bottle holder for our one and only stroller. Hope dearest hubby will like it as i he has been asking for it....

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