Saturday, 22 December 2012

Parents Act

Most people would be thinking how lucky we are or may be thinking negatively on us when judging on the number of times we have been making our come-back-home trip to kuala lumpur for these past 1 year.

But then again, they dont know our story. So why bother about what others may think right?

For the past one year, me and my dearest hubby have been doing what any parents out there would be doing if they were in our shoes  and means.

Any parents would put their children in the top of their priority list. And when that is the case, money will become secondary . Or it will be in 2nd ranking . Why? Because with money, it helps you to fulfill the number one needs.

Alhamdulillah. We are thankful . Really thankful as we have the resources to spend.

It is just that, if others knew how worry and concerns we are now as time is clicking to the DD , then they too wouldn't want to be in our shoes.

Yeah..i know all of us are on borrowed time. But its not easy to think positively all the time.

So hug more tightly, kiss more often,sniff and inhale that heaven-sent smell now and then for as much time i have on my side. For we are all on borrowed time.

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