Wednesday, 19 December 2012

End of Term1 Year3

Today is the last day for term 1 year 3.

Gosh! How time fly so fast  that i wonder have i make full use of the time i have ? Not only for the benefit of me but more important for the benefit and wellbeing of my children.

And i have been on my own without maid to help me for these past months ie since early October precisely.

My baby Alya have been my loyal companion since our last maid gone MIA. I can only pray to Him to make sure Alya is healthy . Its tiring for a 14 months old baby to follow her mom every where.

To school. To pasar moderan ie wet market. To Giant or Lotte mart. To school again. To the 'mpsj' to pay for abudeman. Every where la this baby has to follow me. I will be babywearing her ! Time to get a new one.

And each day from monday to friday, i will be rushing home after sending my two girls to school. Yeah! My 3 year and 4 months old girl has been in preschool since last August. And alhamdulillah. She is really looking forward and excited to go to school each day . In fact she will be sad if it is friday. why am i rushing back home? Well to make sure Alya have her morning nap. Actually by 8 am she will be sending out signals how sleepy she is. Those pulling hair, rubbing her eyes and yawning. And off she goes to la la land when i breastfeed her.

We all know how important it is for babies to have a routine each day. So for Alya, her nap can be from 8 am onwards until 1130 am. Of course she will wake up in between . Just to see if i am there next to her. Most of the time she will go back to sleep after i feed her again. Nice huh to sleep with a fulled tummy!

By 1145 am we ie Alya and mama dearest will be in on our way to school to pick up kak Aisyah. Her school ends at 12 am . Lunch is always at the Rainbow cafe. Big sister Kak Arissa will join us there as her lunch is from 1205 -1250 . Sometimes Aisyah gets to eat with her best friend Sara Mcleod. I just have to put her full name here coz it so old english name !!!

By 1 pm, we ie me ,Alya and Aisyah will head home which is only 5 minutes away from school. Once home, I will be rushing to have Aisyah bath, wash her snack box, and cook for dinner or pack my hubby dinner box before Alya start giving her nap signals!!!!

Most of the times, Aisyah will be sleepy by the time we reach home. So that is why i have to plan my time so that she can have her nap  before we have to leave our house by 215 pm to pick up big sister Kak Arissa from school.

So packed huh my daily monday to friday life right?

I pity my girls when i have to wake them up from their afternoon nap. There are good day and bad day too. Either Aisyah wakes up crying or just to sleepy to get up for having mama to interrupt her nap.

Arissa's class ends at 240 pm daily. But twice a week it will ends at 340 pm as she goes for her after school activities.

And we will be rushing to get home too. All because so that my supir will have enough time to reach girls' baba's office by 5 pm. In this land of macetness, we have to factor in the macetness in our daily life. Though the distant is only 25km from our house to my husband's office , but it can be a one and half hour journey or two hours journey!!!!! Only on Sunday you can have a 30 minutes journey ..

Back to my story after picking up my eldest. Once home, i either cook my second dish or only one main dish ie western dish . But all these will depends on how Alya is..If she is sleepy , then i will quickly bath her and feed her early dinner. Bath time is always together with Aisyah...easy but not so easy . Alya will be in her baby bath tub. Her tub is inside the big tub. So most of the time she will be trying to get out from her  tub and into the big tub. You will see her trying to bath her big sister who is just there in the big tub..this moments is priceless.  Both girls just enjoy each other company.

Next, all dress up in jammies. Arissa will be doing her homework which is only 3 sets in one week. Dinner have to be something easy to prepare. If not, i will have cooked it in the morning. All because Arissa will be asking for my help with her home work. And also i want to help her . These moments are more important than fixing dinner time...

And Aisyah will be asking me to read to her too..thus i need  time for this and not to be stucked in the kicthen preparing dinner. Not only that, Alya seems to eat more when i sit down and feed her.. Rather than having mama to feed her inbetween cooking!!! And even though arissa and aisyah can feed her, alya still prefers mama!!!

On dishes, there are days when i do quiche, baked pasta , grilling . Just imagine when i need to cook for breakfast and the kids' snack and lunch dishes too..not forgetting alya food too..which is why i am slowly exposing her to my main dish.  basically she is slowly eating the same food that i cook for her big sisters n baba too..

And that is how i end up my term1 year 3 life so far...

Me no superwoman. Just a normal woman who has to do what she has to do for the benefits of her children and family. 

And yeah!!!! I will be sleeping in my own bed tomorrow night! Home sweet home malaysia!!!!

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