Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Allah Maha Mengetahui

I can still remember what my bidan urut told me 2 years ago when she was massaging my body during my confinement days in Seremban. And so are what other old people were saying about my next/3rd child's gender. They all said that if i ever give birth next , meaning 3rd time pregnant,then my 3rd child will be a boy.. They said this based on what they saw at my 2nd child's thigh.. I can only smile at that time upon hearing their views. It's hard for me to believe it as all i know that might not be true.

So here we are 2 years from that day.Allah Maha Mengetahui. Me and my husband got a beautiful baby girl this time. She looks more  like her eldest sister Arissa. They have the same nose and same skin complexion. As for the eyes, Alya got the same big lovely black eyes like her 2nd sister Aisyah.

Back to what my tukang urut said two years ago.. Even towards the end of my pregnancy, I was only 99% sure that it will be a baby girl. Even as my gynea had confirmed  the baby's gender via scan, i was still 99% . I hate to be so 100% confident on my baby's gender.Not that I was hoping to get a boy .

But more of Him. Because in the end , He knows what is best for us. For me , the most important aspect is the baby's health and physical.

I guess I know why people have a strong views on why i was carrying a baby boy.  As usual, my tummy always look like i was carrying a baby boy inside of me. So were my two previous pregnancy. In fact , one indian grandma who i always see at the park said the same thing about my baby's gender.. I replied back by saying it that my tummy always look like that when i am pregnant. And that the doctor said it is a girl..But they couldn't believe it due to my tummy ..hehhehe..old wives's tale!

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