Thursday, 27 October 2011

3rd and future labour

I feel the urgent need to share what I knew from my tukang urut .

All labour are different between one woman to another. And we as the owner of our body, should pay serious attention to what is happening and what is felt inside our body. This I meant post labour.

Certain pain that we are feeling  are due to how our labour was. It means did we have an easy labour or a tough and  complicated one where certain medical equipments like vacuum needs to be used .

During the berurut session, we can easily feel any pain when our body is being massaged. In fact , we can feel the pain when our feet is being massaged. Remember foot reflexology? If one have read a book on it, one will know that our foot hold the secret of our internal body's state.

Thus, if you feel any pain when your feet is being massaged, do inform your tukang urut. A good , realiable and knowlegable tukang urut will tell u what the pain is reflecting to.. And it should be correlated to the pain you are feeling with your body.Which is why I prefer to have my tukang urut who inherited her skills from her family's descent.

As for me, the pain that i felt when my feet was being massaged reflects the pain that i feel within my body. And when i rely another pain that i was feeling, my tukang urut explained to me how i got the pain. And I have to say that her explaination matched my story.

So ladies, open up and dont be shy to tell your tukang urut on any internal pains that you are feeling and having. By doing this, we are actually helping our body to recover fast.

My tukang urut also  share with me a  some  common bad experiences that happened to a few ladies who neglected their pantang/confinement. Upon hearing those stories, I must say how thankful I am that I am in control not to let it happen to me. All I need to do is just do serve my confinement in a moderate way that I can .But certain things like eating food/vegetable should not be taken lightly or ignore at all cost. Vegetables & fruits are important for a good bowel thus keeping constipation at bay.  Nevertheless, substitute certain vegetable that is best to avoid during confinement with another good vegetables. And keeping the intake quantity at moderation level is the best methods for us.

Have u heard sound like fart coming out from our vagina & not from our anus? Well, this is actually happening to some married woman outthere who has given birth. And what about certain  part of the vagina came out ? Well, all these can happen to us woman if we take our confinement lightly and ignore any pains that we might have felt after giving birth.

I have taken bertungku & berbengkung lightly. But I did not ignore berbenkung at all. Alhamdulillah, i use bengkung during my 1st  and 2nd confinement. But only during my 3rd confinement do I fully aware the benefits of bertungku & berbengkung can do for me.All because it's my 3rd pregnancy &  labour. Imagine me doing my own bertungku now eventhough my urut session is done. hahahha... I want to live long and have a happy meaningful marriage!!

My tukang urut also gave a good resemblance of our uterus as kain perca.After baby is born, our uterus is like kain perca. Which is why we need to berurut or what we call sengkak peranakan. And these need to be done properly. If not the uterus wont get back to it's shape. And if we ignore it, then our next chance of getting pregnant may be small.

As our vagina & uterus has done it's job in delivering the baby out from our body, thus eating certain kind of food and not eating certain kinds of food need to be paid attention. Which is why now I understand why we need to eat food that can keep us warm inside and heal the wear and tear inside our vagina & uterus. And why eating food that is in the cold category is best to avoid during confinement.

And bertungku will help to keep our uterus warm from the outside. Not only that, bertungku also will help to shortened the days of our darah nifas.. Kira tolong kluarkan darah nifas dengan cepat la .. And berbengkung plus putting some heating cream or param will also keep our uterus warm from outside.

Bertangas also is good. But best not to skip bertungku. And as for me I like to do my confinement in a moderate way. All because I am breastfeeding my child and that I need to eat a healthy & balance food to get well soon.

So ladies, suddenly berbenkung, bertungku and bertangas and serving  your confinement make sense in the end right?

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