Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bonding sessions

Aisyah is 21 months old. And I bet soon she will wean off from me sooner than I expected.

As much as I want to breastfeed her up to 2 years old like her eldest sister, all these is beyond my control. I can only assume that whatever is going to happen next is for the benefit of us all.

One thing for sure, I can easily wean her off from breastfeeding. No need to think of any solutions of how to wean her off like what other breastfeeding mothers went through. Of course I do feel sad that our intimate bonding session is going to end soon. But I should be thankful that I have it easy on this matter even with my eldest. More reason to be thankful is because I am pregnant now.

I did my research on tandem nursing. But do not know how it will be for me . So it’s good if Aisyah is wean off earlier than my labor day.

These days, she often ask for her powdered milk that she affectionately called “susu cup”. She can’t pronounce the word ‘susu” . It will sound like “bubu” . Don’t know if she is lazy to say it correctly or that she really can’t say it yet. I have tried pronouncing it ( susu) repeatedly to her…but she will still say it “bubu cup”.

So even though I am at home, she will ask for “bubu cup” . Be it during the day, or when I am home from work, or just before going to bed or when she wakes up in the morning. Bubu cup is the 1st thing she will say to me when she wakes up around 6.15am in the morning.. So off we go to the kitchen for her bubu cup..

Of course sometimes she will still ask from me her “bubu mama” which means she wants me to breastfeed her. But it’s beginning to be like a sudden crave for her . So what I do these day is to offer her bubu cup quickly whenever she ask for bubu mama!

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