Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Cool Bracelet for Breastfeeder Mommies

This stuff just make breastfeeding so cool!
Don't you think so mommies? I accidently found this bracelet while busy netsurfing for breastfeeding book.

  1. Here are the plus points of this special bracelet:

1 Help to keep an accurate log of your baby’s feeds without the hassle of breastfeeding diaries, safety pins or switching bracelets from arm to arm

2.Allows the mother to know which breast to be use when starting a breastfeeding session

3. A time tracking device which can be used for many different purposes includingRecording the number and times of feeding sessions in a day.

4. As a reminder for mothers of what time the baby's last fed and when another is due.

5. Help to record the number of soiled nappies.

6. Helping the mother to wean her baby by tracking the number of feeding sessions and then eliminating them one at a time.

I don't know if we have it here in Malaysia. Sometimes I get frustrated when we can't get so many cool baby's stuffs & preggy mommies stuffs from here. How nice if we can have more options when it comes to maternity clothes. I do know that we have a few shops be it online or not that are selling maternity clothes. It's just that the selections are not that abundant as in other countries like Australia , or UK or US.

Maybe that is why we see preggy mommies wearing informal maternity clothes that are not suitable for office environment actually. Even I had to make my own office attires tailormade when I was preggy. Somehow , there were not many sales during my preggy time. Thus, I hate it when I saw all those maternity sales when I'm not pregnant! Why la like that?


Dot.Dot said...


Nanti if you are pregnant with ur second baby, will try to get it for you as a baby shower gift.

emly2175 said...

heheheh... ok dear..