Monday, 31 December 2007

One day before the new year 2008

Venue: my office table
Date: A day before we usher the new year 2008

My former company's CEO Mr Tan Ah Wah passed away today at his home .He died after being discharged from the the hospital today. From my GM, who was at his side during his final moments, I found out that my former CEO had been holding on all the while just to have his last breath at his home..

I felt sad upon hearing his death. But I'm relieved that I managed to see him last Friday at the hospital...That Friday I was so busy with work. Plus I was the only one from my dept working that day as the rest ( including my dept manager ) was away outstation. So when kak Izan invited me to visit my late boss , i quickly said yes . I got to know about his illness only on Wednesday. I barely recognised him at the hospital room. He looked so thin.. I was about to cry but didn't when I saw how sad his wife was ... It seemed that everyone else especially the children had to be strong just for the sake of their mother.. I hope my late boss heard me calling his name when I was there.. :(

Who is he to me? He was my boss. And it was him who hired me in the 1st place. Those who didn't know him may think he is one fierce & stern looking one. And he likes to call u " Bodoh kau! " Of course la most of us did chicken out & scared bila kena marah dgn dia. But at the end of the day most of us would laugh at this... To my late Boss , saying " Bodoh kau ! " to his staff is like saying " Apalah!", " Hampeh" , "F@cK!" , etc... And he was the type of person who will give advises to u, really give advises that can make u cry ( in the good way la )

One thing I learn from him was that everyone in the office should be able (99%) be able to do multitasking assignments. An account&Finance staff should be able to do some HR work and vice versa..

Another thing I remember of him is the way he chaired the meetings.. His meetings started with some story telling, where he will relate to what he wanted us to learn from that meetings.. So this part he will be like a father to all of us... But once the story stop, habisla we all kena prepared nak jawab itu ini when asked.

Another thing I will remember about him is the delicious food we get to eat after big meetings... It may be nasi brianni or nasi padang or chinesse food that u can get anywhere in KL.. But from him, we all learnt where is the best place for certain type of food... Up to this day, the best chinese food will have to be Corus Hotel in Jalan Ampang. We just need to mention my late boss name as the food menu.. Another best food is the chinesse curry restoran at Taman Wahyu..The sotong goreng is just crunchy and delicious..

Somehow this year I have so many death news... One things I know, I have to make times for my family members. At least I wont feel losing much when they are gone...

p/s: Happy New Year 2008 to all of us! Hope I can catch some fireworks after tonite's family dinner..


MamaFaMi said...
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MamaFaMi said...

Sorry to hear about the loss...

Delia said...

at least he was a good boss and will be remembered by all... =) i've tried the restoran kat Taman Wahyu..! yg E&O fish head curry tu ke? my auntie lah ajak lepas tgk jalan2 carik makan! hahahahah

emly2175 said...

Delia: yep! that's the one dear..chinesse style curry.. nanti kalau u balik sini, u can give a try another kedai feutured in jln2 cari makan which is located at bandar sri puteri puchong.Penang kopitiam..