Friday, 7 June 2013

mak cik tua sleeveless

ahaks!!!! Again I was in shocked when I saw a woman in late 40s , sleeveless in mini skirt and wearing high heels walking out from mussola....hahahahaha

Ya Allah!  Memang terkejut saya dibuatnya..Dah la rambut macam balik dari salon dan muka make up..

I was really in shocked seeing a muslim lady with her lady friend who dressed equally like her , walking out from mussola.

There i was sitting on the cold steel benches  outside the mussola, waiting for my  eldest to finish her solat. Aisyah n Alya was with me eating the yummy delicious DQ ice cream.

If you ask me how sure I am that that woman was praying in the mussola, well, all i can say is that i have seen some young muslim women dressing like that in the mussola.

And this incident today took place at PIM aka Pondok Indah Mall...  Yep Pondok Indah is like our very own Bangsar... but we dont get to see muslim ladies coming for prayers in a dress or clothes like what I mentioned earlier...

I think that only in Jakarta do we see scence like this.. Pening kepala saya tengok cara wanita muslim di sini berpakain terutamanya yang pergi solat.

Ini belum lagi dengan yang bertatoo dan bernail polished!!!!

Hahahaha!!!!! selamat datang ke jakarta babe!

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