Friday, 11 November 2011

My PDA baby

Alya is a P.D.A baby since birth. May it will close eventually .The sooner the better. Amin.

Even after birth, she does not have the signs of a PDA baby. She feeds normally . She breathes normally too. Thus, even the nurses at the Special Nursery centre where she was warded for jaundice were surprised to find out that she is having PDA.

Even until today, I am so thankful to Allah that it was  Dr Azizi who detected this  on Alya. Even though he did not hear it during Alya's first few days of her life, I am still thankful that it was detected during her stays at DSH.

Any doctors stand a chance of not being able to hear the echoes or murmur in the baby's heart. This is because one needs to be able to listen to it deeply & focus. One can not blame the doctor for failing to detect it in the first place because of our hearing capabilities. Only an person with sharp hearing would be able to detect it . Which is why for some baby, this condition will go unnoticed until sign of illnesses crop up later in the future. So don't be curious why doctors will check your baby's heart on each hospital or clinic visits.

And I am comforted by the fact that Alya's progress is being monitored and assessed by one of Malaysian most qualified doctor in that field..

How I wanted to break down & cry my heart out again when we went for the 2nd visit .. The 3mm hole is still there. Somehow a part of me told me to seek out more information on Alya's condition from Dr Zul . And I am glad that those information comforted me 99% . And that 1% of worry will be there until we see Dr Zul again in Feb 2012.

As for the moment, we are monitoring Alya's health based on the information we learned from Dr Zul on PDA baby.

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