Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Obese Children :Parents' faults

So yeah.. They wanted to ban junk food from being sold at school canteens . Of course it is a great move . But to curb obesity , the parents also should have a change of mindset. After all , those children didn't turn obese in one night. Some may be obese from age 1 year old.

Just ask ourselves and observe our own family members & relatives & neighbours too. One can easily see how some of us parents just feed our innocent & naive children with junk food. Not only junk food but also too much of processed food. How many of us make it a point to feed them home cooked food that is is also nutritious & delicious?

If parents control their children's junk food intake, none of those kids will be obese . Sometimes I wonder ,  do these parents ever think what will happened to their obese kids in terms of health, peoples' perceptions  on these innocent children?  We do know how children likes to tease & bully & look down on fat children. I myself do not want my children to go such a  sad childhood  especially those school years.

I guess if one day these obese kids blame their parents for making them obese, the parents should accept it without pointing fingers to other than themselves. After all, it is those parents that brought them up into this world in the 1st place.

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