Monday, 5 October 2009

At one point of my life, I am....

I should be sleeping right now. Sleeping as sleeping when your soon-to-be 2 months old baby is sleeping.. and so is the rest of the people in my house.

But i'm itching to right something tonight.( But it will be a short one.)Reasons are my status as a person in this world has changed eversince that August 7th, 2009.

At this point of my life, I am a mother to a 2 beautiful girls. I am still my hubby's wife. And I still drive that 10 years old car..We will touch on that topic on one fine day ok..

At this point of my life too, I am currently a temporary SAHM . Simple reason that my maid of 3 years didn't want to renew her working permit which expired on end Sept 09. And for that reason too, I took 1 month of unpaid leave ( on top of the 60 days of maternitty leave ) to take care of my 2nd baby. Not that I don't want to depend on my MIL to take care of my newborn baby. But this is a choice that I am able to make ( thanks 2 my understanding CEO) . So I shall be back working early next month .

At this point of my life, I'm still a pro-breastfeeding mother.Thus, it's a 24 hours and 7 days a week's roles for me as my baby girl's sole food source. But I have yet to start stocking my EBM for her ..Shall do that starting this week.

At this point of my life, as I'm going through my new roles as SAHM, my BIL's eldest son is going through a new chapter of his life. Which reminds me of how much i have always wanted to further my studies overseas ( not that i didn't get the opportunity). Thanks goodness, there is FB to keep us ( me of sharing it with dearest hubby of his nephew's life story) connected.. Which is why i have to admit that it was a waste of him not to move his heavy bum to make that short walk to see that football/soccer games that we all have to watch from tv here ..

mmmmmm... shall stop now as i need my beauty sleep. More off to recharge my energy level for tomorrow ..


Farquar Haqqani said...

Football match tu on TV jugak kat sini!Hahahaha

emly2175 said...

it's a different matter completely when u can actually watch it live ie be there in the stadium..kelas pun x mula lagi kan..?